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For Sale Items

Posted on 3/7/18

FOR SALE: I am selling both engines and extra parts I am changing direction. RTR bought from Dave Wilson last fall but never run. Original paint nice engine. On a very nice stand that goes with the engine.

FOR SALE: New prop Michigan AJ-49 and a very good shape 8 reed cage to boost power on KF7 up to Hurricane output but must add the larger carb which I did not buy yet.

FOR SALE:KG4 very low hours engine. Someone changed the color and then it sat for years in side a climate controlled warm dry place. I has the factor sealed crankcase so no one has screwed with it and you see I opened both sides to check pistons and rings. LN no scratches at all. 50 years I have been an engine guy so I know what’s good and what’s not. Carb is great inside and out. The tower is great shape.

FOR SALE: New S-3406 coil, 1 used extra KG4 Phelps mag plate coils are junk, std prop alum, extra prop shaft and driven gear nice and a mark 15 or 20 empty case.

FOR SALE: 4 nice manuals copies I paid $25 each for covering KG4 KF7 mark 15 & 20 plus even more engine than that. Awesome info. Best $100.00 I spent. I don’t want to list this but if some gives me a fair price I will add this in too. I also have the Harry Brinkman hot rod Merc engine manual from Aeroliner $5000 that is just a get book on English me mods.

Contact: Mike Caruso, Poplar Grove,Illinois 1-312-437-1320 cell 9:00 AM-7:00 PM. Retired always around. $1,100.00 invested make me an offer.